1.2m by 1.8m Fire Blanket

  • Cooking and Clothing Fire
  • Certified to AS/NZS 3504
  • Glass Fibre

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Fire Blanket 1.2 m x 1.8 m

Our high-quality 1.2-meter by 1.8-meter fire blanket is ideal for commercial kitchen and workshop use. The fire blanket is fixed using two simple fixings such as hooks or screws.

Due to its size, this fire blanket is more suited for medium sized fires, such as fryer fires in kitchens and clothing fires.

Certified & approved to AS/NZS 3504

To be compliant for commercial purposes the certification option needs to be selected. This includes a PVC maintenance tag and one-year certification.

About Our Fire Blanket

A Fire Blanket works by removing the oxygen going to the fire. Snuffing out the flames. This is very reliable in the cooking area or workshops. Hang the blank in a noticeable and easy to get to the area. This ensures the security of the occupants. Utilizing a fire blanket can stop a fire dead in its tracks in mere seconds. To make use of effects, you will certainly intend to roll up your sleeves and also protect your hands by winding a little bit in the covering if there are no gloves around. Do not lose time looking for your gloves, constantly have it hanging in a simple to obtain to the area.

Lay the blanket over the fire. See to it the covering is flat and also does not have creases where the air can get to the flames. This allows the cover to shut down the initial air. Make sure that no oxygen could be let in from a crease or fracture.

Need A Fire Blanket?

Fire Blankets and Fire Extinguishers should be utilised in a mix with each other. Must one not function, the other is there for a backup remedy. We provide a fantastic option for fire extinguishers and also blankets to pick from. All certified to AS/NZS. We have an extensive line of fire Tools for all Industrial and Residential fire avoidance applications. These are fantastic for a welding store.

Allow the blanket to rest when the fire is out as it may have hot oils on it. Leave the blanket to cool. Shake the blanket outside to remove any type of particles. Replace with a new blanket of the same size.

If at any moment you do not feel comfortable in the situation, please, call dial 111. Never ever take issues into your personal hands if you do not feel you could take care of the circumstance.

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