5.0kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

  • 1 x 5.0kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  • 1 x Wall bracket
  • Fire Rating: 5B: E

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5 kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Our 5.0KG carbon dioxide extinguisher takes care of fires quickly and easily by design to protect against Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class E (energised electrical equipment) fires. A clear instruction label on the front of the extinguisher guides you through the steps of operation. Co2 Fire Extinguishers and are ideal for use in Hospitals, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Paint shops, Fast Food Chains, Clothing and Fabric Industries, Industrial Units, Offices, and also industries where welding takes place.

  • Certified and approved to the AS/NZS 1841.6 standard
  • Built to last: Tough impact resistant metal valve, handle, and lever
  • Simple to use: Easy to pull safety pin for quick, convenient use
  • Easy to read label: Shows the steps required to operate the extinguisher
  • Suitable for flammable liquids and energised electrical equipment: Fights Class B and E fires and has a fire rating of 5B: E

Need a Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher?

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are used for Class B and E.  And using it in class B, and E is better than using water.  Class B is flammable liquids that often float on top of the water like oil.  If water is added, it will just create a big mess.  This can even spread the fire out over the surface of the water.  This can cause the fire to spread.  And, allowing it to get out of control quickly.   This is the same for Electrical Fires as well.  The added water could cause electrical shock and worse problems for the people working on extinguishing the fire.

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher’s work to smother out the flames by suffocating the fire from needed oxygen.  Fire needs oxygen to keep it burning.  The gas is compressed into the tank and when released can even spit out some dry ice chunks at times.  Every Extinguisher has its rating on the side.  Read and get familiar with your extinguisher.  Should you have questions, contact us.  We are here to help.  We work with fire safety equipment all day long.  So, we can help you pin down what equipment you might need for your situation.  Fire safety equipment comes in all kinds of forms.  We offer Fire Blankets, Hoses, Exit lights and signs and so much more. We are proud to be your one-stop shop for all your fire preventative gear and needs.

5.0kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher Is Used In Areas Such As

  • Electrical Switchrooms
  • Computer server rooms
  • Offices
  • Workshops
  • Any rooms with electrical equipment installed

Save Your Life And Building With Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

Do you have a commercial building that is needing new fire equipment? We can help. There are brackets, fire extinguishers and signs and everything else you might need to bring your building up to the current standards.  We offer the best of the line in fire preventative gear.  Fire safety is paramount and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Not all fire extinguishers are the same.  Be sure to get the one that is right for the location it is meant to protect.  Fire Extinguishers are extremely useful tools.  First, understanding what caused the fire can be helpful when grabbing something to get it under control.

We ask that if you feel the fire seems more than you can handle please dial 111 immediately. Our fire safety products are something that can stop a fire as it starts, however, it still has its limitations.

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