9.0L Water Fire Extinguisher

  • 1 x 9.0l Fire Extinguisher WATER
  • 1 x Steel Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Fire Rating: 3A

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9 L H2O Fire Extinguisher

Recommended for Class A fires (wood, paper, plastics, textiles, rubber and rubbish), the 9.0 Litre Air/Water extinguisher acts to reduce the burning temperature so that the fire can be brought under control. It is important to remember that this type of extinguisher is not to be used on flammable and combustible liquids, electrically energised equipment and cooking oils and fats as this may enhance the fire. The cylinder is made from stainless steel, so no need to worry about rusting after a couple of years.


  • Certified and approved: To the AS/NZS 1841.3 standard
  • Easy to read: Gauge tells you when the fire extinguisher is charged and ready for use
  • Built to last: Tough impact resistant metal valve, handle, and lever
  • Simple to use: Easy to pull safety pin for quick, convenient use.
  • Easy to read label: Shows the steps required to operate the extinguisher
  • Multipurpose protection: Suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood & paper)
  • Fire rating:3A


A Water Fire Extinguisher Has Lots Of Uses

A water fire extinguisher is one of the most efficient kinds of fire extinguishers for basic type A fires. This type could put out fires that are triggered by timber and paper fires as well as things like fabrics. These are the standard of fire extinguishers As you may or could not know, but not all fire extinguishers are produced to eliminate all type of fires. There is a different level of fires. By changing the gauge and nozzle, this extinguisher is also able to be used for first aid to treat burns.

Fire Safety is important

Fire safety is something that nobody wants to think about. However, fires break out every day, and you should be prepared.  This is why we offer a vast selection of fire safety products like fire blankets, signs, lights, hoses and more. Fire equipment can save lives and assets by just getting the fire under control as soon as it starts.  Fire safety is something that everyone should consider. Especially business owners, schools and other commercial properties where there are many careless people. Let’s face it; people don’t care about your assets as much as you do.  Protect yourself and have the items in place that will be needed. A fire extinguisher and such are a small investment to save a lot in return.

A great fire extinguisher is worth its weight in Gold though, as quickly as a fire breaks out. If you have something that can place that fire out immediately, this will certainly cause much fewer damages to the home and perhaps individuals. Fire Extinguishers are least costly that replacement of houses as well as structures. Have your extinguisher convenient as well as available. Make certain that all parties in the residence or building recognise where they discover it.

Having an evacution plan in place as well as knowing what type of extinguisher to use are two very import things you should have in place.

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